Minesweeper: Makes you want to play, doesn't it? W hether you've ever played it or not, almost everyone has heard of Minesweeper. It's one of the classic games that come standard with the Windows operating systems (Start > Programs > Games > Minesweeper).

According to Wikipedia, Minesweeper is a single-player computer game invented by Robert Donner in 1989. According to me, Minesweeper is a great way to put off writing papers and doing other such work (it's amazing what can hold your interest when there's something else you should be doing).

I really started playing Minesweeper during my first semester in graduate school. Quickly, I found that the more papers I had to write, the better my Minesweeper scores became. So, as an extension of my interest in Minesweeper, I developed this website to compile tips on playing Minesweeper, information I found on the internet about the game, and other assorted odds and ends that other Minesweepers might find interesting.

Use the links in the gray box above to navigate the website. Enjoy.

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