Environmental Geology

GEOL 21062 (LER)

Course Description

 This course is designed to introduce students to basic geologic principles and to examine their application to environmental problems. Topics relevant to students in their every day lives and to Ohio will be the primary focus, but other global issues will be studied in detail as well. For example, coastal erosion will be discussed, referring to the Lake Erie coastline of Ohio and to coastal areas worldwide. Some other included topics with current relevance include the deterioration of the ozone layer, ground water pollution, alternative fuel sources, and disposal of toxic wastes.

The Grand Tetons were carved by glaciers when climate was much colder and wetter in North America.  Photo by R. Feldmann.

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Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Website Comparison Assignment

The Danube Delta in Romania is one of the most ecologically diverse places on Earth.  A recent boom in ecotourism, such as boat rides and bird watching trips, has led to increased concern over keeping it clean.  Photo by R. Feldmann.