GEOL 21080 (LER)

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to all aspects of the earth’s oceans, including the chemical and physical properties of sea water; the formation and effects of waves, tides, and currents; plate tectonics; and marine biology. The proximity of Lake Erie is fortunate as the Lake provides a natural laboratory and model for many oceanographic principles and processes. The final section of the course, marine biology, ties together all of the principles of the course in a fascinating overview of marine life.

Intertidal zone, near San Antonio del Oeste, Argentina.  Photo by R. Feldmann

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Important Course Documents:

Syllabus 3:30 pm MW

Syllabus 2:00 pm

Honors Syllabus

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Geologic Time Scale Walk

Honors Term Paper Assignment

Coastal erosion along Lake Erie is an increasing problem.  Arrow B indicates a breakwall constructed to trap sand (Arrow A) moving along the coastline because of longshore drift.  Photo taken October 9, 2004 by R. Feldmann.