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Working papers and work in progress

E. Dechenaux and A. Samuel "Monitoring of Product Quality and Market Structure" (in progress)

E. Dechenaux and S.D. Mago "Revise and Resubmit in Contests: An Experiment" (in progress)

E. Dechenaux and S.D. Mago (2018) "Communication and Side Payments in a Duopoly with Private Costs: An Experiment"

E. Dechenaux, D. Kovenock and V. Lugovskyy (2003) "A Comment on “David Vs. Goliath: An Analysis of Asymmetric Mixed-Strategy Games and Experimental Evidence”" Krannert Working Paper Series, Working Paper No. 1162


E. Dechenaux and A. Samuel (2016) "Announced or Surprise Inspections and Oligopoly Competition" B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy, Forthcoming.

Y. Tanai, E. Dechenaux, E.B. Patuwo and A. Guiffrida (2018) "Bargaining in a Closed-Loop Supply Chain with Consumer Returns" International Journal of Operational Research, Forthcoming.

E. Dechenaux and A. Samuel (2016) "Optimal Fines under Announced and Surprise Inspections" Journal of Public Economic Theory, 18, 786-801.

E. Dechenaux, D. Kovenock and R. Sheremeta (2015) "A Survey of Experimental Research on Contests, All-Pay Auctions and Tournaments" Experimental Economics, 18, 609-669

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E. Dechenaux, S.D. Mago and L. Razzolini (2014) "Traffic Congestion: An Experimental Study of the Downs-Thomson Paradox" Experimental Economics, 17,  461-487

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E. Dechenaux and A. Samuel (2014) "Announced vs. Surprise Inspections with Corruption" European Journal of Political Economy, 34, 2014, 167-183

E. Dechenaux, A. Lowen and A. Samuel (2014)  "Bribery in Subsidized Credit Markets: Evidence from Households in Bangladesh" Indian Growth and Development Review, 7,  61-72

E. Dechenaux and A. Samuel (2012) "Preemptive Corruption, Hold-Up and Repeated Interactions" Economica, 79, 258-283

E. Dechenaux and D. Kovenock (2011) "Endogenous Rationing, Price Dispersion and Collusion in Capacity Constrained Supergames" Economic Theory, 47, 29-74

E. Dechenaux, M. Thursby and J. Thursby (2011) "Inventor Moral Hazard in University Licensing: The Role of Contracts" Research Policy, 40, 94-104 

S. Chakravarty, E. Dechenaux and J. Roy (2010) "Ill-defined versus Precise Pre-play Communication in the Traveler's Dilemma" Southern Economic Journal, 77, 351-368

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S.D. Mago and E. Dechenaux (2009) "Price Leadership and Firm Size Asymmetry: An Experimental Analysis" Experimental Economics, 12, 289-317

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E. Dechenaux, M. Thursby and J. Thursby (2009) "Shirking, Sharing Risk and Shelving: The Role of University License Contracts" International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27, 80-91

E. Dechenaux and M. Mancini "Auction-Theoretic Approach to Modeling Legal Systems: An Experimental Analysis" Applied Economics Research Bulletin, 2, 2008, 142-177

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E. Dechenaux, B. Goldfarb, S. Shane and M. Thursby (2008) "Appropriability and Commercialization: Evidence from MIT Inventions" Management Science, 54, 893-906


E. Dechenaux and D. Kovenock (2007) "Tacit Collusion and Capacity Withholding in Repeated Uniform Price Auctions" RAND Journal of Economics, 38, 1044-1069

E. Dechenaux, D. Kovenock and V. Lugosvkyy (2006) "Caps on Bidding in All-Pay Auctions: Comments on the Experiments of A. Rapoport and W. Amaldoss" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 61, 276-283