Bowl of Fire, Live at the Side Door St. Louis, MO 1/19/00

Review by Curt Bozif

This was the first time I ever saw BOF live, and it was amazing to say the 
least. The band members are very nice and they talk to you like they have 
known you for years and they give the impression that they will remember 
you after the concert!!! Andrew is one of the last true gentle man to 
grace this fine earth. Mr. Andrew Bird doesn't walk through a room, he 
tends to glide through a room! When I met him I was speechless, and I 
couldn't think of anything to say but "you are amazing and I love you 
music so much" Im sure I said more But don't remember. He was probably 
thinking I wish this kid would leave me alone!

The Performance was Amazing too. They opened with a new song, and then 
they played "Vidalia"!!! I tell you it was like he was pulling teeth 
out of a giant or something, When he reared back and scorched his 
violin! and Kevin struck the cymbal it was breath taking!!! It seemed 
like a dream ~ They did a lot of new songs 8 total, ( I cant wait till
 the new CD, The 3rd ) The last song they did was a SPANISH song, Colin 
and Andrew song at the same time and it was the best last song ever 
heard by my ears!

I got there autographs and Colin gave me the set list Andrew used 
during the concert! It was a great experience to say the least!!!

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