Bowl of Fire, live at the Metro in Chicago IL

Review by Laura Piscitello

Oh my god!  I just got home from the BOF concert at the Metro.  It was 
rockin!  They played a whole bunch of new stuff...  I talked to Josh, and he 
said that they are supposed to record an EP that will be avalible at shows.  
Some new stuff.  Can't wait!  :)  After they played the first ending to Candy 
Shop, before they got to do the final ending, Colin started to play Tea and 
Thorazine.  It was funny.  And during Depression, Kevin smacked his cymbols 
so hard, they almost fell over!!  :)  I had a wonderful time!  :)

They started with Vidaila.  It blew my friend Sean away.  They did a pepped 
up version of the Greenland song.  It had a 50's sound to it.  Almost the 
whole set was new.  Nora sang on three or four songs.

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