Bowl of Fire, Live at the Rock Around the Block Festival in Chicago, 7/11/99

Review by Laura Piscitello

I was at the Rock Around the Block Festival in Chicago.  Andrew Bird and the 
BOF were great!  Andrew let me go backstage before they went on, and I got 
Kevin to sign my Quality 6 CD, along with the rest of BOF.  They're all 
really nice.  They played a lot of stuff that they played at the Belmont/ 
Sheffield music festival, which Josh told me will be on Oh, the Grandeur, 
including "Candy Shop," "Wishing for Contentment," and "Coney Island 
Shuffle."  They all are really good.  I just love how they put so much energy 
into the show, and really look like they're having a blast, especially 
Kevin!!  I was able to buy a BOF shirt.  Josh said that they are getting 
better shirts for Oh, the Grandeur, but I think the shirts they have are 
pretty cool!!  After hearing them play stuff from the Grandeur, I can't wait 
until the CD comes out!!!  :)

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