Bowl of Fire, Live at the Empress Casino, Joliet, IL 7/25/99

Review by Dawn Carr, First posted 7/26/99 on The Landing

The next night, at the Empress Casino, I may have been the only one there who knew the band. There were about 25 people in the swank little casino club and about 7 of us would applaud each song. It was 'swing' night and there were a few couples who took the floor on occasion. Also, let us not forget the Chameleon Club dancers. --Really-- They stayed off the little platforms while BOF was on, but soon as the show was over all the dandy tarts in frilly underwear flaunting white feather boas pranced and shrieked. 
Glass Figurine
Candy Shop 
Etchasketch [aka T & Thorazine] 
Eugene Cock O' the Walk 
Vidalia [anyone understand all of this 'leg of lamb' business?] 
Wishing for Contentment [I'm wishing for the Grandeur] 
Doggin [first time I heard this one. Great.] 
Coney Island Shuffle 
Glass o' Water 
Minor Stab [another puzzling 'leg of lamb' reference] 
After You've Gone 
Songs on the list, not performed: Angle [what is this? Hmm. Maybe they did do it...] Cuarto [sad, but that's what happens when only 6 people applaud] 
One of the Chameleon dancers commented that Andrew was doing a Tiny Tim impression whilst plucking his violin. But don't worry, I did my crazed lunatic impression for the dancer and lit his clothes on fire. 

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