Bowl of Fire Live at the 9:30 Club, Washington DC, 10/30&31/98

Review by Dawn Carr, First posted to the SNZ coolist.

 I had so much fun at the 9:30 shows, anyone else go?   Andrew Bird's
 Bowl of Fire tore the roof off the place (and I went to see them as much
 as SNZ), followed by T-model Ford, a real snooze and a damn shame if you
 ask me.  I enjoyed their set more on the second night as I was prepared.
 I'm generally not a fan of that style of blues.  And I think it was the
 same song  over and over...
 Zips were brilliant, the crowd was great.  Jimbo shot himself all the
 way over the top on the first night.  He did the most amazing (and
 dangerous) hysterical dance and I was sure Tom was going to get a kick
 in the head (I was wrong).  On night one a gorrilla sporting a fez and a
 cute little vest came out and danced around on stage.  The gorrila suit
 returned on night two wrapped around Chris P. (he took off the head
 after the first song, Memphis Exorcism),  Tom was a skeleton and
 Katherine burned a hole in the floor.  Kenny did not stop smiling the
 whole time and Je dances like nobodys bidness.  If anyone is 
 I'll send out the song list. 
 Little Red Riding Hood gave me some SNZ candy, Jimbo gave me beads, and
 I handed myself song lists from Bowl of Fire and Zips when they were
 done with them.  (T-Model Ford didn't need a list as it was the same
 song over and over and...) 
 The first night we just cut out after the shows, but we stuck around to
 greet the band after night two.  Everyone was very gracious.  I did miss
 out on talking to Andrew Bird as I was in line to get a poster while he
 was mingling, later he was looking very busy rushing around and looking
 at his watch so I let him be.  I bought his first CD at the show (Music
 of Hair) --when I got it home it needed to be dipped in a strong solvent
 and washed for my player to recognize it as a CD, so covered in gook it
 was.  You don't think to check for that kind of thing.  Worth it for me,
 but Thrills is much richer.

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