In every single review or article I've read about these guys, no matter if it was a good or bad article, the writer expressed how he/she "couldn't stop dancing" when faced with the music of CSI. I can tell you from personal experience-- they ain't lyin'!

The Cigar Store Indians Are:
Ben Friedman- Vocals, Guitar, Swank
Jim "Low Note" Lavender- Guitar, Boogie-Woogie
Keith Perissi- Bass, humor
Pup Roberts- Drums, new guy, heart-throb
These cats came swingin' out of Georgia with their first big release in 1995, a self-titled disc featuring crowd-pleasers "Jailbait" and "This Town Ain't Cool."

They met up with the Zippers for a few dates in 1997, and later asked Kenny to blow a little on their new album, 1998's El Baile de la Cobra.

Throughout 1998, the Cigar Store Indians provided envigorating warm-up music for some SNZ shows, leaving some fans more than "warm" by the time the Zippers came on!

The Cigar Store Indians mix swing, rockabilly, honky-tonk and anything else jumpin' to form a lively blend of music only they can perform. Think of them as a swanky Stray Cats headed up by a drunken Chris Isaak. Their live shows are spectacles not to be missed! This band puts 110% of everything they have on the stage, and are there to roll over the audience again and again.

Bassist Keith Parissi
The Cigar Store Indians love their fans! Check out their website for touring info, fan lists, audio clips, and swanky pictures of the guys.

Coming SOON I'll have clips of Tom and Kenny blowing their saxes with CSI at some 1998 Ohio shows. But for now, check out:

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