Wash Jones' Record Collection

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Opening Bands

Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
(Katherine and Jim are also on this album)
Pee Wee Get My Gun
T-Model Ford
You Better Keep Still
T-Model Ford
Self Titled
Cigar Store Indians
El Baile de la Cobra
Cigar Store Indians
(Ken is on this album)
All Titles
Gutbucket/N. Mississippi All Stars
The Big Kibosh
New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars
Rumba Baby Rumba!
Bio Ritmo
Salsa Galactica
Bio Ritmo
All Titles
The Dirty Dozen

Side Projects

The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner
Ben Folds Five (Tom and Ken appear on this album)
Songs for Rosetta
Jas. Mathus and His Knockdown Society
Day Before Yesterday
American Primitive Recordings Compilation
(w/a non-album Knockdown Society Track)
Back in the 90's
(Tom, Jim, Ken and Je did horns for this album)
Katherine Whalen's Jazz Squad
Katherine Whalen
(Jim, Stu, and Je appear on this album)
Scoundrel's Waltz
Joe Tullos
(Jim, Ken and Tom appear on this album)

Related Recordings

Heretic Blues
Kevin O'Donnell's Quality Six
(Bowl of Fire drummer)
Everybody Hollerin' Goat
Othar Turner
(Gutbucket member Luther Dickinson produced this album)
Charlie Nobody
(Andrew Bird's old band)
Keep On Walkin'
Lil' Ed
(Andrew Bird appears on this album)
Rigging the Toplights
Pinetop 7
(Andrew Bird appears on this album)

Previous Bands

Death of a Sailor
What Peggy Wants
(Tom's old band)
Beyond the Java Sea
Metal Flake Mother
(Jim's old band)
My Wild Life
(Chris's Old Band)
Young Rock
Chapel Hill Music video compilation
(What Peggy Wants and Metal Flake Mother videos)


Founder of the Delta Blues: 1929-1934
Charlie Patton
The Indispensible Django Reinhardt
Django Reinhardt
Other Titles
Django Reinhardt
Buck Jumpin'
Al Casey
Other Titles
Al Casey

Jimbo Mathus reccomends the following records in THIS article:

Satan is Real
The Louvin Brothers
Volume 1
Sextos Cubanos
Sextos Cubanos, Vol. II
Sextos Cubanos
All Titles
Memphis Minnie
All Titles
Louis Armstrong
All Titles
Fats Waller (Esp. late 30's recordings)
Groove Juice Special
Slim and Slam
Billie Holiday w/Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra
Other Titles
Billie Holiday

Tom Maxwell reccomends the following records in THIS article:

Fats at the Organ
Fats Waller
All Titles
(Especially early pipe organ
recordings and mid 30s-40s)

Fats Waller
All Titles
Django Reinhardt and Stephan Grappelli
Volume 1: 1930-31
Cab Calloway and His Orchestra
All Titles
(Especially Cotton Club recordings)
Cab Calloway and His Orchestra
All Titles
(Especially Cotton Club recordings)
Duke Ellington
25 Greatest Hot Fives & Sevens
Louis Armstrong
Hot Fives and Hot Sevens
Louis Armstrong
All Titles
(Especially Hot Fives & Sevens)
Louis Armstrong
All Titles
Fletcher Henderson
Calypso Pioneers

Ken Mosher reccomends the following albums in THIS article:

Being There
The Sound of Lies
All Titles
Les Paul
All Titles
Ben Folds Five
'The White Album'
The Beatles
All Titles
The Beatles
OK Computer

If you don't have the following SNZ albums already, buy them now!:

The Inevitable
Roasted Right EP
Sold Out EP
Perrenial Favorites
Christmas Caravan

How to find RARE Squirrel Nut Zippers Recordings!

Every SNZ single and oddity imaginiable!
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Some other things the Zippers appear on:

The Garden Place: Songs By Our Friends
"I Found a New Baby"
A Life Less Ordinary [Soundtrack]
"Put a Lid on It"
Live From 6A
"Lover's Lane"
Blast from the Past [Soundtrack]
"Trou Macacq" (live)
Rows of Teeth [Merge Records Comp.]
"Radio (You Are My)"
Immortal [Soundtrack]
"Danny Diamond"
Stacy Guess Legacy
"The Puffer" and "Bedlam Ballroom"
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