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Office Hours (6/4-8/12):

  • Mondays: 9:30-10:30am, Virtual Only
  • Tuesdays: 1pm-2pm, Virtual Only
  • Wednesdays: 9:00-10:00am, Virtual Only

    Note: Normally, if you wish to meet in person at Stark Campus, please make arrangements via email. However, under the current restrictions due to COVID-19 I will not be able to make any such arrangements. Thank you for your understanding.
  • Proctored Exam Dates for Summer 2020 - Intuitive Calculus

    • Midterm I via proctorio - PROCTORED 20%of grade - (Testing Window: Friday, July 17th-Wednesday, July 22nd)  (Start time no later than 9pm on Wednesday, July 22nd)
    • Midterm II via proctorio - PROCTORED 20% of grade (Testing Window: Thursday, July 30th-Monday, August 3rd)  (Start time no later than 9pm on  August 3rd)  
    • Final Exam (Comprehensive & Proctored - PROCTORED via proctorio - THIS IS 30% of your grade) TESTING WINDOW: Friday, August 7th-Wednesday, August 12th (Start time no later than 9pm on July8th)
  • *Please note that all online courses require proctored midterms (two of them approximately weeks 5 and 11 due to math department policies) and final (on finals week).


Texts Referenced

(Note: no required textbooks for Modeling Algebra and Calculus 1)


Modeling Algebra: Harshbarger & Yocco, College Algebra in Context, Third Edition, (ISBN: 9780321570604) **Please note the book is optional and will only be used as an additional resource.

Trigonometry: "Precalculus" by Stewart, Lothar, Watson (ISBN: 0-534-38541-9) **Please note the book is optional and will only be used as an additional resource.

Analytical Geometry& Calculus I: "Calculus" by James Stewart (ISBN: 9780840002952) or ANY edition of Calculus by James Stewart, V-1 Custom package will be referred to in this course


Note: I am not dependent on texts for most courses so while you should have reference text it is not required.  You will not need to purchase any publisher’s software. (Algebra for Calculus is the exception)




Janice Kover, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor of Mathematics     

Kent State University - Stark Campus          



Office:  Main Hall 409