University Policies


The following University policies apply to anyone enrolled in this course:


1. University Calendar: The official university calendar, which provides information on deadlines for university-related transactions can be found at:

 2. Enrollment Status: Students are responsible for ensuring that they are properly enrolled in their classes. The official registration deadline for this course is August 26, 2012 (see the university calendar for late registration deadlines and late fee information, etc.). You are advised to review your official class schedule during the first two weeks of the semester and prior to the drop and withdrawal dates to ensure that you are properly enrolled in this class and section. University policy requires all students to be officially registered in each class they are attending. Students who are not officially registered for a course by published deadlines should not be attending classes and will not receive credit or a grade for the course.

3. Academic Honor Code: All students in the course are expected to abide by the academic honor code, as specified in the University's Policy Register. You should work independently unless otherwise directed, such as during group projects. Cheating or the use of other's intellectual property without giving them appropriate credit is a serious academic offense. This includes copying answers or misrepresenting the source, nature or other conditions of your academic work to get undeserved credit.  At a minimum, students caught cheating during exams will receive a midterm grade of zero, which will count for 50% of their average midterm score, and the incident will be reported to the university.  It is the University's policy that cheating or plagiarism can result in receiving a failing grade for the course or other more serious disciplinary action depending on the nature of the offense. Repeat offenses can result in dismissal from the University. For complete information see the: Kent State University Policy Register, Chap. 3, section 3-01-8

4. Withdrawal: For Fall term, the last day to drop a class before a grade of W is applied is November 4, 2012. Withdrawal from any or all courses is permitted up to the withdrawal date for the semester, or until the prorated deadline for flexibly scheduled sections. After that time, students are considered to be committed to all remaining courses and must complete them. If students are unable to complete the semester because of extreme circumstances that first occur after the deadline, students should consult their college or campus dean's office. No approval is required to withdraw from a course during the withdrawal period. For more information on withdrawal dates see:

5. Students with Documented Accommodation needs: Students who require health-related accommodations to obtain equal access to this course must verify their eligibility through the Office of Student Accessibility Services (SAS) which is located on the ground floor of the DeWeese Health Center (330-672-3391 or In accordance with University policy, if you have a documented need for a health-related accommodation to obtain equal access to this course, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester or when given an assignment for which an accommodation is required. If you have any questions regarding a potential accommodation need, please contact the instructor and SAS as soon as possible.

6. Final Exam Date: Please check the final exam schedule for the classes in which you are enrolled. This can be found on the web at: Students who have conflicts or more than three examinations on the same day should consult with the Dean of his or her college at the earliest possible time for assistance in making alternative arrangements.