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"A performance is an activity...in a given situation...in terms of what the performer wants others to believe." Erving Goffman. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life.
  Sam Cianni, Welcome Back, 1.28.2015.


 Week  Four  - Spring 2015 

Man spielt nur, wenn man weiB, daB man sicher gewinnt!

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  "Elementary and secondary schools prepare students for a world that doesn't exist."    

  Some argue distance education is intellectual genocide by capitalists. See: 

Concerning Online Courses in Points For Progress.

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Introduction to Sociology (
Three Sections)
SOC-12050-300; MW 8-9:15
SOC-12050-301; T 1:30-4
SOC-12050-302; TTh 9:30-10:45

Law and Society

JUS-26704-301; Th 1:30-4
Social Problems
SOC-22778-300; MW 11-12:15


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* Dr Jack's logo utilizes basic shapes found in nature along with the three  colors comprising visible light. It is to symbolize  education as comprised of fundamentals, when mastered, create a coherent reality produced and enlightened by the existential process of human experience.
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Many thanx to the students at Kent-East Liverpool,  University  of Michigan and Case Western Reserve for their support and criticism. Also, Dr. Eugenie Potter (Uof M - Education).

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