Jack Vazzana, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

Kent State University

East Liverpool, Ohio

Room 305F Main

fax 412.882.5184

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I have spent thirty-eight years in classrooms and have had over 9000 students some of which liked me and some who did not. So it goes! Through those years and the years in which I grew up (the forties and fifties) I witnessed a great ride from the mechanical to the virtual or electronic age. All along students participated in the construction of my reality of which I am grateful. It is people who I met, experienced and reacted to as well as them reacting to me that made life sometimes a joy and sometimes misery, So it goes. One does not become a responsible person without personally growing through interaction. The classroom taught me if one is thin-skinned and can not take criticism - they had better look for another job. The day a teacher believes they are a good one, is the day they become a bad one! It is all predicated on dealing with people. Recently a sociologist said one has to also change with the times. Sometimes yes, sometimes no, but to just accept the idea face value is self-defeating. In education, that means bowing to online courses. Online courses have brought significant change into the nature of human existence. No longer do people have to interact with what is happening in the world because they can see it on the computer. The problem is they may not understand nor  learn anything about themselves from this paucity of experience. The way one grows as a person is to put personal ideas out there and see how well they stand up. Not doing this and one will never know what their talents and failures are nor will they ever get to know who they are, existentially, other than the dictates of the little screen. I am criticized every day in class and thank the students for that - it puts me in a certain place that I can experience creatively. That is THE important change the sociologist missed - not the change of one becoming another lemming and  just "go along with things."  Sometimes the best learning for me has occurred when I was aggravated by someone or I aggravated them. Then I had to find out just what kind of a person I was in terms of defending or regretting what I said. Often it worked out and often it did not, BUT at least it was better than being a monumental wimp and hiding behind the "not offending" philosophy. People are all different and no one is equal to anyone else. Some are better and some are less - so it goes. Respect and strive for personal quality and avoid  the mediocre. Never believe there is not someone better than you. There always is - deal with it. Your personal standard of excellence built on face-to-face contact may not be as good as another's and it even  may be wrong. It is, however, you standing for something built on an actual foundation of  interaction and that is a great deal better than going out on your knees.
Dr Jack

FALL 2017 Schedule of Courses:

Introduction to Sociology - 8-9:15 MW
Introduction to Sociology - 9:30-10:45 TTh
How you come to know who you are
through social interaction.

Deviant Behaviour - 8-915 TTh
A course to get in-depth knowledge of
contemporary deviance problems.
This is an adult class - restrictions.

Sociology of Childhood - 11-12:15 MW
This is a must course for nursing 
and early education students.

Sociology of Family Violence - 11-12:15 TTh
Considering the magnitude of family violence
today, anyone thinking of a lasting
relationship should take this course.

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