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Post-Mall Research and Development Laboratory
Kent State University 
Room F305
400 E. 4th

East Liverpool OH
 The purpose of classes (not virtual) in any University is to stimulate individual thought in order that the student may expand and improve their knowledge. This does not mean it is like high school where one simply repeats what is said  and gets a high mark. Kent classes and lectures therein are guides, NOT repeats of the text. The text is more detailed and authoritative in content. This is the foundation for what a student bases their responses. The instructor presents ideas to illuminate and explain the text so that the student may move forward in contrasting ideas and theory for an expanded overall picture of the academic area they are studying. This infers the student comes to class, participates and often challenges the instructor with their ideas. If the student cannot come to class regularly, then they must question if they should be in school because they will be missing those discussions and personal participation inherent in intellectual growth. This is the difference between online and real classes. Real classes are a test of growth in knowledge, not an inane repetition. Repetition is a "C" or less grade. Thinking and putting ideas together in a coherent whole approaches an "A" level! Students had best start thinking in the "A" direction for their own good and academic success. 

  The 2d Exam was, in terms of performance, disappointing, particularly the papers. Too many papers were a droning, uninspired repetition of information that could have been written by anyone growing up in a family or society in general. Then too, there was a total lack of referencing to substantiate one's point. Argumentation was scarce, if any, to stimulate knowledge about the family, social problems or inequalities. It is also apparent that most students did not read the Survival manual which exactly directs how to write a research paper. There was a paucity of "never evers", personal pronouns and contractions with colloquialisms and value judgments not permitted by the Manual. Of note is the use of "seems". In a research paper nothing "seems", it either is or is not! One concludes that the student is not seriously involved in their studies and has to ask themselves are they here for education or a part-time hiatus from intellectual responsibility? Either way, grades will continue to drop if the student continues  turning their back on academic responsibility to themselves.

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