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Beauty in Goodness

Exercise 1

Write down a list of the things you need to do today, leaving a few lines between each item.


Write down an ellipse around each item symbolizing what it would be like to do that activity beautifully.


Write down an ellipse around the whole day, symbolizing what it would be like artistically to compose your handling each of these areas in your day.


Now reflect. 

            What values are to be sought in each agendum [=thing to be done]? 

What activities or practices are involved in each agendum? 

What challenges?  What virtues or kinds of excellence pertain to these activities? 

What dimensions of the self are involved? 



Then extend this analysis beyond this day to longer stretches of time, until you reach your entire lifetime.


Obviously, this requires a lot of thought, and it would not be beautiful to become anxious about doing it in a hurry.  Therefore, please begin to write your answers day by day, and keep a journal during the semester, noting the interaction between your answers and the ideas of the philosophers we study.