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1) People NOT affiliated with 4-H are NOT permitted to ride on Fair Ground property at any time without written permission from the Fair Board!

x2) Park in the campgrounds or outside the gate ONLY.
x3) Ride IN RINGS only.
4) Do NOT use stalls.
5) Clean up after yourselves.
6) NO bicycles, skateboards, etc.

Randolph Fair Theme


Be Part of the Scene

 in 2015

4-H Volunteer Pledge
I pledge my HEAD
to give children the information I can to help them see things clearly and to make wise decisions.
I pledge my
to encourage and support children no matter whether they have success or disappointments.
I pledge my
to help children's groups; if I cannot be a leader,
I can help in may equally important ways.
I pledge my

to keep children strong and well
for a better world through 4-H,
for children's groups,
our community, our country, and our world

From the Advisor Appreciation Banquet Program, 2012
2015 Portage County 4-H Tack Swap Flyer
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4-H Competitive Trail Ride
To Make the Best - BETTER
The 4-H motto means that
each advisor will do the "best"
that he possibly can
in whatever is attempted.
Then, she will strive to improve
the next time so his initial "best"
becomes "better."
 The 4-H motto
encourages advisors
to stretch their abilities and capacities
to reach greater achievement
within their own potential.
From the Advisor Appreciation Banquet Program, 2012

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