You will be divided into teams of five. Each team will be given a type of erosion to research. There will be more than one team researching each type of erosion.

You and your team will then search the websites provided to you about your specific type of Erosion.

Information on Water Erosion:


Information on Wind Erosion:
Information on Glacial Erosion:



As you are researching you will fill out the worksheets to help you organize and gather your information.


Water Erosion Team Worksheet



Wind Erosion Team Worksheet



Glacial Erosion Team Worksheet


After you have finished all of the worksheets you and your group will produce a poster board explaining the effects of the erosion that Saul, Wendy, or Wade want.


Your poster board should have:

                  A catchy slogan to persuade Saul, Wendy or Wade away from what they want.

                  At least five facts about the effects of your type of erosion.

                  At least three illustrations, they can be hand drawn or taken from the computer


Now your group will choose a representative to present the poster board to Saul, Wendy or Wade. A person may also volunteer to be the spokesperson for the group. Your presentation needs to be clear and organized delivery. It also needs to be creative and interesting to the audience. Your group may write a speech for the presentation if they would like to. Remember you are trying to persuade Saul, Wendy or Wade away from their initial desire.


After your presentation Saul, Wendy or Wade will vote to stay with their first choice and get what they wanted or to change their mind and get nothing.