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In-camera Editing

Most of the time, when videographers shoot tape, they do it with the thought in mind that they'll edit the pictures later.  But sometimes deadline pressures or other constraints make it difficult to do post-production editing.  In those cases, videographers can "edit in the camera."  That means planning in advance what shots could tell the desired story and then shooting only those shots in that order.   This style of shooting might not result in a perfect product, but the finished tape is much more interesting to watch than one that was shot without a plan.


Your readings are two articles from Videomaker magazine:

Getting Started: The Boring Parts Cut Out
Reprinted from Videomaker Magazine
This article describes the difference between shooting with in-camera editing in mind and shooting with plans to edit later.

Graduation Day
Reprinted from Videomaker Magazine
In this article, you'll see an example of a "storyboard" plan for an in-camera edited story.

If you enjoyed reading these articles, you might like to visit Videomaker Magazine's Web site, where you can read more articles, order merchandise, or subscribe to the magazine.

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