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Project A – Basic Editing

This assignment will give you more experience editing video with Adobe Premiere.

You will need to print out this page and the file described in Step 2.  You may want to read the instructions before you print them out.  There are three separate steps.  Follow the links below to read each of them.

Step 1. Getting Started in Taylor Hall 131

This section will remind you of steps you learned in previous lessons and give you important rules to follow in working with your files.

Turn on the computer. Use the Finder to close any applications and documents that may be open.

Click on the Apple logo on the menu bar. Choose Control Panel>Memory. Make sure the following settings are selected:

  • RAM disk off
  • Virtual Memory off
  • Disk Cache default

Exit the dialog box.

Load your class CD. Double-click on the icon to open the CD’s contents.

Make sure you can see both the hard drive icon and the CD list.

Select the folder named dressage on your CD. Copy it to the hard drive by clicking and dragging. It will take the computer several seconds to copy the folder to the hard drive. When the copy is complete, remove your CD from the drive.

Step 2. The Basic Editing Lesson

This section was created by the writers of Adobe Premiere Classroom in a Book. It gives you the directions you need to create a 20-second video program about horse training using some of the files on your class CD. You’ll want to read this section carefully before class so that you’re prepared to work quickly through the steps.

When you view or print this part of the instructions, you will see that it is 18 pages long. You will follow these directions starting with Creating the Project on page 3 and ending with Making the Movie on page 18, but note the following changes:

On page 4

  • When the Basic Editing directions refer to the 01Lesson folder, use your dressage folder.
  • Do not import the .pdf file into Premiere.
  • When you save the project with the name dressage.ppj, be sure to save it to your dressage folder on your hard drive.

On page 18

  • When you export the movie, be sure to save it to your dressage folder on your hard drive.

The Basic Editing Lesson must be viewed and printed with a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. Many of the computer labs on campus have this program available. If you are working at home, you can download Acrobat Reader free from the Adobe Web site.

The Basic Editing Lesson is also available on your class CD. It is located in the folder labeled dressage in a file with the extension .pdf. You will also need Acrobat Reader to read and print this file. Remember, your class CD will play only on Macintosh computers.

getacro(1).gif (712 bytes)

If you have difficulty accessing The Basic Editing Lesson, contact the professor immediately at

Step 3. Finishing Up in Taylor Hall 131

This section will give you important reminders of how to save your project, how to turn it in for grading, and how to log off the computer workstation.

Insert your Zip disk. Double-click its icon to check the disk’s contents. Make sure you have at least 10 MB of storage space available on the disk. If not, delete files from the disk by dragging those files to Trash. (Before you do this, make sure these files are ones you don’t mind losing.)

Copy your files dressage.ppj and to your Zip disk. Make absolutely sure the files have copied correctly.

Remove the Zip disk from the computer. Check to see that you have labeled both the disk and its case with your name. Turn it in for grading.

Quit the Premiere program.

Drag the dressage file from the hard drive to the Trash.

Empty the Trash. This step permanently eliminates the work you have done this session, so it’s important to perform the step of saving to the Zip disk accurately.

Put the computer into the sleep mode.

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