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Shot Composition

The phrase "shot composition" refers to the art and practice of arranging the visual elements on the screen so that they communicate your intended message clearly.  There are no hard-and-fast "rules" to follow in composing your shots, but there are several "rules of thumb," or standard ways of shooting that can make your shots look better and communicate more clearly.

You'll learn some of those "rules of thumb" by reading the instruction at two Web sites:

  • Channel 03 Video Production Course
    This is an introduction to video production for people who are interested in working at a cable access channel.  Read all of the VIDEO section.  If you find terms you don't understand, check out this site's GLOSSARY.

  • The Camera and Composition
    Read all of the 15 short sections at this site.  A few of them will give you more hints about the technical aspects of how the camera works.   The rest will explain shot composition. (This is a Canadian site, so don't be surprised at the British-style spelling of the word colour.)


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