[Image] --May 1999 Itinerary--[Image]
Kent State University
MBA International Business Experience


The following gives the major meetings for the two-week period of our May 1999 course.  We should always plan to be at least 10 minutes early for our appointments.  The names and phone numbers given are for emergency contact.  Any changes to these plans will be announced or posted as necessary.

Saturday, May 15
13.15 Arrive Kent State University, board bus

17.40 Depart Pittsburgh Airport, British Air flight 2198

Sunday, May 16
7.40   Depart London/Gatwick Airport, BA flight 2736

10.20 Arrive Geneva.  Pick up bags, go through customs

11.00 Take Touriscar bus to John Knox Center

11.15 Check into rooms at center

12.00 Lunch at John Knox Center

13.00 Walking/bus tour of Grand Saconnex and Geneva

18.00 Dinner at John Knox Center

Monday, May 17
9.00   Class on International topics, Salle 3

12.00 Lunch at John Knox Center

13.45 bus departs JKC for trip to Union Carbide

[Dinner on own]

Tuesday, May 18
8.30   Meet in Salle 3, JKC

10.0 International Labor Office (ILO)

[Lunch at ILO on own] (continued)

14.30 World Trade Organization

16.30 International Trade Centre

19.00 Dinner at John Knox Center

Wed., May 19
8.20   meet in Salle 3 - leave for Gare Cornavin (train station)

9.18 depart le Gare for Montreaux, Chillon Castle

11.00 Visit Chillon Castle

[Lunch on own]

14.0 Nestle S.A.
 From the train station, walk toward Lausanne along Avenue GeneralGuisan (about a 10 minute walk)

16.42 depart Vevey train station for Geneva

[Dinner on own]

Thursday, May 20

9.00 Credit Suisse

 [Lunch on own]

afternoon free to explore Geneva (possible boat ride?)

15.30 United Nations tour (optional)
Palais de Nations, entry gate on the rue de Pregny

 [Dinner on own]

Friday, May 21     Sightseeing/cultural activities (on own)
Suggestions: Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Fribourg, Lucerne,
Annecy (Fr), Chamonix, Vallais, Zermatt

Saturday, May 22   Sightseeing/cultural activities (on own)

Sunday, May 23 Travel to Paris (on own) Note: you must make advance reservation for the TGV train to Paris.

After 14.00
Check in at Hotel Edouard VI

19.30 Dinner at Restaurant

Monday, May 24
9.00  Tour of Paris
Tour bus will pick us up at hotel
Return to hotel at 12:30
[Lunch on own]
14.00 visit Le Louvre (tour the museum at your leisure)
[Dinner on own]

Tuesday, May 25
10.00 IBM France

[Lunch on own]

14.15 Banque Nationale de Paris

[Dinner on own]

Wed., May 26
10.00 OECD, Local Economic and Enterprise Development
Walk down Champs-Elysees

[Lunch on own]

15.00 Depart Hotel Edouard VI, for Versailles (via Gare Montparnasse) [Dinner on own]
Thursday, May 27 Check out of hotel after breakfast.  We should be able to leave bags in the breakfast room.

9.30 - 11.30 U.S. Embassy
2, avenue Gabriel

[Lunch on own]

Return to the hotel to pick up bags and take the train to Strasbourg.

13.48 Train departs Paris Est for Strasbourg

17.41 Arrive Strasbourg.  Check in to Le Grand Hotel, across from Gare. ph. (03) 88 52 84 84

Dinner at restaurant in Strasbourg (time to be determined)

Friday, May 28
9.30     Eaton Corp.

 [Lunch on own]

13.00 Bus departs from Le Grand Hotel

14.00 Timken Corp.

 Bus return to Strasbourg

 [Dinner on own]

Saturday, May 29
08.50 Train departs Strasbourg for Basel.

10.22 Train departs Basel for Biel/Bienne

11:35 Train departs Biel/Bienne for Geneva

13.14 Arrive Geneva

Prepare for next day departure.

15.30 Wrap up session, Salle 3,

17.00 Closing reception (wine and cheese)

Sunday, May 30
8.00   Depart Geneva airport, BA flight 2735

12.15 Depart London/Gatwick airport, BA flight 2199

15.45 Arrive Pittsburgh Airport
Go through customs, board bus

18.00-18.30 Return to Kent