Choosing our Tools for Tomorrow:

Ohio Library Council 2008 Technical Services Retreat

April 1-2, 2008, Loudonville, Ohio

Keynote Address: You are the Most important Tool You Have / Janet Swan Hill, University of Colorado

Looking Beyond the Horizon: What's New in the World of Cataloging? / Glenn Patton, OCLC

Series: Seriously? / John M. Sluk, Oberlin College Library

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The Librarian as Plumber / Brenda Block, OCLC and Ian Fairclough

Librarian as Plumber

Questions and Answers

Resources for Error Reporting

Using Web 2.0 to Increase Effectiveness of Staff Training / Brian C. Gray, Case Western Reserve University

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PowerPoint Presentation

Technical Services Workflow Analysis / Constance Strait, Greene County Public Libray and Morag Boyd, The Ohio State University Libraries

Uncorking the Varietals: Social Tagging, Folksonomies & Controlled Vocabularies / Margaret Maurer, Kent State University

Controlled Vocabularies Bibliography

Folksonomies Bibliography

The Savvy MARC-eter: Promoting Your Department in Your Organization / Wayne Piper, Ohio Library Council

Sharing Bibliographic Records: How Effective is Current Practice? What are Some Alternatives? / Magda El-Sherbini, The Ohio State University

Library of Congress Working Group Update / Janet Swan Hill, University of Colorado

How is Your Workplace's Health? / Russ Crabtree, Holy Cow Consulting

Trends in Technical Services / Roman Panchyshyn, OHIONeT

Closing General Session: Putting it Together / Janet Swan Hill, University of Colorado


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