From Kaska to Stalshlyem 1916-2001
By Robert W. Clawson

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This volume, is the first comprehensive study of the most- produced military helmets of the twentieth century. RUSSIAN HELMETS provides the keys to accurate identification of the various models of Russian and Soviet helmets from steel to exotic metals and composite fiber-resin. Many collectors assume that Soviet helmets are all the same. That could not be farther from the truth. This volume is a comprehensive history of each model issued in any number to Russian or Soviet troops and provides the keys to quick identification. In addition it notes numerous experimental models and evaluates their contribution to the evolution and subsequent series production helmets. Included are many never before published photos of the various models as well as cutaway drawings and diagrams. This book provides a reliable comprehensive reference for every serious helmet collector or student of twentieth century warfare.
128 pages
161 photos (most in color)
Deluxe binding
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