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Thursday, Jan 11: Musée d'Orsay Notre Dame du Paris [page 564].

Friday, Jan 12: Musée de l'Homme  Grand Gallery at 10a.m.; 10FF pp, confirmation number AG 01924.

7pm: Optional evening tour of Montmartre sites (Place Blanche and Moulin Rouge, Rue Lepic and Vincent & Theo's House, Picasso's Bateau Lavoir and Au Lapin Agile, Place du Tertre, Le Sacré-Coeur, and optional dinner). For more on some of these sites, read here.

Saturday, Jan 13: Return to London (walk to Metro to bus to ferry to bus to Underground, walk to hotel---don't buy anything big and heavy in Paris, unless you ship it home ahead of you!).

Sunday, Jan 14: Possible opportunity to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace; The Horniman Museum & Gardens dinner, final meeting at Hotel

Required Reading:

[27-18, 27-19, 27-46, 27-47, 27-51, 25-1, 25-14, 25-4],

Required Viewing:

Rosa Bonheur:

-Plowing in the       Nivernais

Jean-Francois Millet:

-The Gleaners

Edouard Manet:


-The Luncheon on the Grass

Pierre-Auguste Renoir:

-Moulin de la Galette

-Finial Staff

-Kanaga Mask

BWA culture:

-Two Performing Masks

Live Impressions:

The building was so different from what we have first seen. The metal contrasted by modern stone and earth tones was interesting. Many levels, yet it looks congruent. I like the use of natural lighting for a soft look and comfortable atmosphere.