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Edouard Manet was a French painter whose work inspired the impressionist style, but who refused to so label his own work. His far-reaching influence on French painting and the general development of modern art was due to his portrayal of everyday subject matter; his use of broad, simple color areas; and a vivid, summary brush technique.Hailed by young painters as their leader, Manet became the central figure in the dispute between the academic and rebellious art factions of his time. In 1864 the official Salon accepted two of his paintings, and in 1865 he exhibited his Olympia (1863, Musée d'Orsay), a nude based on a Venus by Titian, which aroused storms of protest in academic circles because of its unorthodox realism.

Live Impressions:


    This is much larger than expected. Very little detail in the background.  The colors are of very little splendor and grace.  Her composure is of confidence and little care for the viewer.  Very white lifeless coloration in the skin tones.  Interesting that she is painted on a bed since she is a prostitute.  Her eyes stare blankly with little human qualities. I find it fascinating that Manet hides the feet and emphasizes the white sheets.

Edouard Manet:


       Pg. 1008 Fig. 27-46