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After centuries of power struggles in southern Mesopotamia, a people called the Assyrians began to rise to dominance in northern Mesopotamia. Became very powerful by 1400 bce, in 1000 bce they began to conquer. From 900 bce to the empires collapse in 600 bce the empire had many capitals. In a vivid lion-hunting scene, the emperor stand in a chariot, drawing his bow against an attacking lion. The immediacy marks a change in Mesopotamian art. Unlike earlier works of this time and place the humans assume a dominant role over the beasts. There is no question of who will prevail. The viewer is given of story or narrative in stead of just documenting the action.

Live Impressions: The bottom was highly deteriated. The ruins are easily legible. Oddly shaped figures or very high relief. The important central figures the one with identity.