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C. 2120 bce Mesopotamia was ruled by Guti till 2180 when they overpowered the Akkadian Empire. The capital of this was Lagash on the Tigris River. Here the people rebuilt temples and placed votive statues in them. At this time period statues were carved from diorite, a very hard stone that is very difficult to work with. This prompted simpler, more compact forms for portraits. Twenty of these survived, but all look relatively similar to Gudea's face. This piece was dedicated by him to the goddess of interpretation of dreams. Imposing and impressive, this statue is monumental although it is only 2.5 feet tall. The sculptor's top heavy style of the people is common of Mesoptamia.

Live Impressions:

Very well carved. The carver ran out of room to carve the ruins so they extend onto the back/shoulder. Very life-like features. Very small, yet very imposing.