Salisbury Cathedral: West Fašade

Pg. 577 Fig. 16-39

Kent State Ohio

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Salisbury is one of the finest medieval cathedrals in Britain and of Gothic architecture. It is the mother church of the Salisbury Diocese, an area which covers most of the counties of Wiltshire and Dorset. Started in 1220 it was completed by 1258. Symbols of the times are the flying buttresses. Unlike French cathedrals, the side of the building represents the majestic nature of heaven itself.

Live Impressions:

The west fašade was newly restored. It was hugely different from the rest that was in the process of being done. The windows were a hogpog of different colors, time periods, and styles. The fašade sculptures were individual characters with their own stories and characteristics. Extremely detailed, the wall towered over us and wasn't seen as that tall until scaled from far away.

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