Tuesday, Jan. 2:

We are to arrive at London Gatwick at this day. An then take the train to Victoria station, meet Dr. Smith, ride underground to hotel, check into hotel, get underground passes, lunch, and then finally to the The National Gallery.

Required Viewing: [17-12, 17-13, 18-12, 26-2, 26-29].

The National Gallery houses the national collection of Western European painting. At over 2,300 pictures, it covers every European school of painting from about 1260 to 1900. It is for the public and therefore is a free museum.

Kent State Ohio

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Required Viewing

  • Jan van Eyck:

Man in a Red Turban.

Potrait of Giovanni Arnolfini.

  • Leonardo da Vinci:

Virgin and Saint Anne.

  • William Hogarth:

The Marriage Contract.

  • Joseph Mallord William Turner:

The Fighting "Temeraire,"

Live Impressions:

It is a piece of art in its self. Every detail the museum is done Huge! Free admission yet extravagant design.