Jan van Eyck was a Flemish painter who along with Robert Campin  was the founder of the Ars Nova ("new art") of 15th-century northern late Gothic painting. This style heralded the Renaissance in northern Europe. This period of Netherlandish art is characterized by a naturalistic style of vivid oil colors, meticulous detail, accurately rendered textures, and the illusion of three-dimensional space on a two-dimensional surface. This effect is call atmospheric perspective. This particular piece is thought to be Jan's self portrait. It contains a lot of Jan's proposed personality and the frame is signed and dated containing his personal motto, Als ich chan ("The best I am capable of doing"). This motto illustrates the humanist spirit that an artist excepts himself and is proud to display it.

Jan van Eyck:

       Man in a Red Turban

Pg. 627 Fig. 17-12



Personal Motto: Als ich chan ("The best I am capable of doing")

Live Impressions:

Strong brush strong, not 100% self portrait. Gives a very high detailed feeling. Thousands of flesh tones, tons of slight facial definitions.

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