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Womenís Golf Association

 Sedona, Arizona



  • Time to sign up for Partner's Eclectic Tournament!
  • OCCWGA League Starting time:11 a.m. shotgun
  • Contribute to the Hole-in-One fund before you get one! Give your $5 to Jane Weinberg ASAP.
  • Mark your Calendars! Cocktail Hour Business Meeting following golf on Feb. 28th.



  • Call the Pro Shop at 284-1660 to sign up, confirm starting times, and check course conditions. 
  • Remember to sign up by Saturday noon for the Tuesday game.
  • Remember to fix all divots on the greens! Click here for instructions on how best to fix a divot.
  • OCC Local rules
  • Click here for instructions on how best to repair a ball mark.
  • The OCCWGA website now accessible on OCC Main page at http://www.oakcreekcc.com




Upcoming Tournaments -- 2017   (Click here to print your own 2017 calendar of events)


 Date                       Weekly Game                           OCC Events                        Interclub                     Team            NAWGA        AWGA  

Feb. 7

Feb. 14

Feb. 21

Feb. 28
ABCD Surprise Format

Teal Tees

Partners Eclectic (Net & Gross)

Partners Eclectic (Net & Gross)

Cocktail Hour Business

Meeting -- After Golf


Mar. 7

Mar. 14

Mar. 21

Mar. 28
Ringer Round 1 & T's & F's

Ringer Round 2 & Odd Holes

Ringer Round 3 & Lucky 13

Ringer Round 4 & President's
 Cup (Net) Round 1

Mar. 3 -- 5th NAU Ladies

April 4

April 11

April 18

April 25
President's Cup (Net) Round 2

ABCD Shamble

Low Net

Partner's Better Ball (Round 1)

Antelope Hills

4/27  VSF

4/18 Seniors

  May 2    Partner's Better Ball (Round 2)


2017  Major Tournaments 
 {All 2016 Winners:  https://occwga.wordpress.com/2016/12/19/2016-occwga-book/}


Tournament            Format                                2017 Dates (Tentative)


Partnerís Eclectic    Hole-by-Hole                                 Feb. 21, 28 

                                2-Week Better Ball                        

Presidentís Cup       Net 2-week                                    Mar. 28, Apr. 4


Member/Member     2-Week BB                                    Apr. 25, May 2
(AKA Partners Better Ball)                                            


Match Play              Single Elimination                          Nov. 7, 9, 14

                                Consolation Flight                          



Championship         3-Day Gross, Flighted                    Oct. 10, 12, 17

Ringer                 4-week, best holes                   Mar. 7, 14, 21, 28

Invitational           2-Person Better Ball                Oct. 31

OCCWGA Board   2017                             Other Appointments & Subcommittees

President:                 Michelle Stoor         
Vice President:       
Secretary:                 Kathy Davidson
Treasurer:                 Jane Weinberg
Handicap Chair:       Penny Fischer
Tournament Chair:  Dawn Bush

Past President:         Sandy Bruns                                 
Rules Chair:              Sally Sieberts

Social:                         Kay Klein (Kathy Huff & Sharon Malkin)
Historian:                   Barbara Gordon
Hole in One:              Jane Weinberg
NAWGA:                     Lynn Winslow
AWGA State Rep.      Liz Chang

Interclub:                   Carol Meiner/Joy Hope
Julie Larson
Ringer:                        Kathy Huff    
Team Captain:           Donna Cantello
Greens Com. Reps.   Michelle Stoor/Sandy Bruns
Webmaster:               Becky Rubin


OCCWGA Standing Rules


OCCWGA Newcomer's Guide


GHIN App for Smartphones--

Post your score on your phone

Do you have an iPhone or an Android Smartphone?  If so, you can download the GHIN App, either from the Apple Store, or the PlayStore for Android phones. Using your GHIN App, you can:

  • Post your score
  • View your official USGA Handicap Indexģ
  • Play with partners and calculate shots off
  • View your most recent scores, revision scores, handicap history, tournament scores, and more
  • Interactive Course Handicapô Calculator & Handicap Index lookup


Follow OCCWGA on Wordpress at: https://occwga.wordpress.com/


AWGA website:     http://www.awga.org/


OCC Membership list available on OCC members-only page




Check out the USGA website for short videos on a variety of rules:    http://www.usga-rules.com/

Free 2012-2015 Rules of Golf Download 





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