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  • February/March start time: 11 a.m.
(call golf shop or check OCC website for weather delays)
  • FYI -- The NAWGA Senior's Tournament will be held at Oakcreek Country Club on April 17, 2018 and Interclub will be here on September 18th.
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  • Call the Pro Shop at 284-1660 to sign up, confirm starting times, and check course conditions. 


Upcoming Tournaments -- 2018 
 (Click here to print your own 2018 OCCWGA calendar of events)

Interclub Events                                            





Antelope Hills

April 24

8:30 a.m.


Capital Canyon

May 21

8:30 a.m.


Elephant Rocks

June 5

8:30 a.m.


Oak Creek

Sept. 18

8:30 a.m.


Prescott G & CC

July 24

8:30 a.m.


Prescott Lakes

August 23

8:30 a.m.



June 25

8:30 a.m.


Talking Rock

October 4

8:30 a.m.


Verde Santa Fe

October 23

8:30 a.m.


Golf Genius App and Golf Genius Website

[click here to print a description of the Golf Genius System]


OCC is now using a new computer programóGolf Genius--to solicit/record your golf participation and record scores. Golf Genius ladies league site will be the hub for ALL ladies tournament info, scores, sign-ups, and calendars. See the link (above) to go to the calendar and OCC 18-Holers Website. You might want to bookmark this on your computer or smartphone: https://occ-ladiesleague.golfgenius.com/pages/3855656954420576325
The calendar is linked under the Information tab. This website is where you can sign up, look at results, look at upcoming events etc. 

Download the Golf Genius app (which you can use on the course to record scores) onto your smartphone now so you can use it during the round. Donít worry about logging in right now. If itís there, during golf your foursome will show up as you use the app and you can record scores easily (and the pro shop can retrieve these easily for determining winners; it even adds up the round for you and posts to your GHIN account!). If you donít have a smartphone or battery that lasts that long, you can still use paper scorecards.


Before the round: Youíll receive an email weekly with the name of the game, asking if you want to participate or not. If you prefer, the sheets will still be posted in the Golf Shop to record participation, but hopefully everyone will start opting in/out of the round when the email arrives in the near future. If you don't remember, you can go to the Golf Genius Website and click on the Pairings tab for Tee Sheets.


During the round: During your golf round, you can choose to use the app to record scores, hole-by-hole as you play. The Golf Genius ID is recorded on the bottom of your scorecard each time you play. It is good only for that particular round of golf and good for that foursome only. 

Once scores are posted and results are done that GGID# will no longer work. The app scrolls through the players in your group, one by one, and totals scores at the end (not sure if it adjusts for handicap overage allowance or not). After the round is over, just close the app.


After the round: If you want to see the results online, go to the Results tab at occ-ladiesleague.golfgenius.com

You can also view your own statistics by clicking on the Player Statistics tab and then your name. 

[The OCC niner's league portal on Golf Genius is occ-niners.golfgenius.com]


Until we find a way to add the chip-ins and closest to the pin winners to Golf Genius, results will continue to be emailed. Same goes for games not following the rules of golf (e.g., scrambles, 3 clubs and a putter, etc.).

2018 Major Tournaments 

Tournament            Format                              2018 Dates                Results


Partnerís Eclectic    Hole-by-Hole (2-Week Better Ball)         Feb. 20 & 27


Presidentís Cup       Net 2-week                                   Mar. 27 & Apr. 3


Member/Member     2-Week BB (AKA Partners Better Ball)     May 1 (Note: One-day event this year)                               


Match Play              Single Elimination/Consolation Flight      Nov. 6 & 13

Championship         3-Day Gross/Net, Flighted             Sept. 25/27 & Oct. 2        

Ringer                       6-week, best holes                     Jan. 30/Feb. 13/Mar. 6/Mar. 13/Mar. 27/Apr. 3


OCCWGA Board   2018           Other Appointments & Subcommittees                         Blog Posts

President:                 Michelle Stoor         
Vice President:        Barb Gordon
Secretary:                 Becky Rubin
Treasurer:                 Sandy Bruns
Handicap Chair:       Penny Fischer
Tournament Chair:  Dawn Bush & Sue Buffum

Past President:        Sandy Bruns                                 
Rules Chair:           Juddi Forrest

Social:                         Kay Klein
Historian:                    Barbara Gordon
Hole in One:               Sandy Bruns
Interclub & NAWGA: Lynn Winslow
AWGA State Rep.      Dawn Bush

Publicity:                    Julie Larson
Ringer:                        Juddi Forrest   
Team Captain:             Donna Cantello
Greens Com. Reps.     Michelle Stoor/Sandy Bruns
Webmaster:                 Becky Rubin

January 2018 -- https://occwga.wordpress.com/2018/01/31/january-2018-events/
2017 Summary -- https://tinyurl.com/yc9ov8jx
2016 Summary --
2015 Summary --

Click here for details from the 2016 Invitational!



OCCWGA Standing Rules (updated 11-9-17)


OCCWGA Newcomer's Guide

Approved 3/7/17
  Approved 6/20/17

    8-8-17  Approved 1/23/18



GHIN App for Smartphones--

Post your score on your phone

Do you have an iPhone or an Android Smartphone?  If so, you can download the GHIN App, either from the Apple Store, or the PlayStore for Android phones. Using your GHIN App, you can:

  • Post your score
  • View your official USGA Handicap Indexģ
  • Play with partners and calculate shots off
  • View your most recent scores, revision scores, handicap history, tournament scores, and more
  • Interactive Course Handicapô Calculator & Handicap Index lookup


Golf Genius Link to OCCWGA League Portal --  OCC  18-holer's:



AWGA website:     http://www.awga.org/
NAWGA website:    http://www.nawga.org/

OCC Membership list available on OCC members-only page

Click here to view the updated roster of members;
 send any changes to Teri Moran



Check out the USGA website for short videos on a variety of rules:    http://www.usga-rules.com/

Free Rules of Golf APP Download 





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