Please contact the Stark Mathematics Coordinator, Dr. Oliver Ruff (oruff(at), about forthcoming upper-division classes.


A Note on Individual-Study Courses


Mathematics majors are sometimes interested in taking an upper-division course as an independent study. This happens when the course is not offered in the semester when the student needs to take it in order to graduate, or when the course gets cancelled due to low enrolment. Students interested in independent study should talk to the mathematics professor who would possibly conduct the study and to the Stark Mathematics Coordinator. The following should be kept in mind:


         Independent study is a privilege and an exception; its approval cannot be expected for granted. Professors conducting independent studies during fall and spring semesters are not compensated for their work.

         Studying independently is harder than taking the corresponding regular course since the same coursework (homework, tests, etc.) has to be done while there are no lectures.

         The student should be a Math major who is taking classes predominantly at Kent Stark.

         The student should be in good academic standing and it should be evident from his/her coursework up to that point that the student is capable of studying independently. This should be his/her first time taking the class.

         The student should make every effort to take the course at the time when it is scheduled regularly, including the possibility to take the course at Kent. The cases when the student missed opportunities to take the course at regularly scheduled times will be looked at less favorably.