Exam II Review

Short Answer Questions: One of the following questions will appear

1) Select one of these sedimentary environments and describe the type of sediments (minerals type, rounding and sorting), sedimentary structures, organisms or fossils etc that would characterize these environments in the rock record.

  1. An arid desert basin bounded by steep mountains
  2. A nearshore marine area the dominant source of sediment is a river.
  3. A shallow marine environment where the dominant source of sediment marine organism and evaporation of ocean water.

2)  Given the following sequence of rocks, describe 3 methods which can be applied to determine age and sequence of event that produced this stratigraphic section.  Using lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic information, what can you say about changes in the sedimentary environment.

shale (shallow water bivalves)

volcanic ash
siltstone (crinoids fossils)
sandstone (brachiopod fossils)
granitic gneiss

3)  Describe how atmospheric circulation patterns & the "rain shadow effect" would promote desert conditions near 30 N & 30 S latitudes.