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  Stephen B. Fountain
  Psychological Sciences

307 Kent Hall


Graduate Students

Research Interests
Undergraduate Research Assistants - Spring 2015
Sara Baer, Brittany Blose, Erica DiSanto, Rachel Eden, Carly Logan, Matthew McCrystal, Haley Morris, Emily Ouellette, Joey Pasquarella, Mike Scritchfield, Sam Sestak, Betsy Stirbens, Rajaa Thalluri
Undergraduate Research Opportunities: 
Interested in working in the Fountain lab? 1) Complete an application for a position in our lab. 2) E-mail the application to Samantha Renaud. If you qualify and opportunities are available, we will interview you.  You can earn college credit for research activities.

Journal Club/Lab Meeting: Fridays @ noon 

Recent Publications  more
  • Renaud, S. M., Pickens, L. R. G., & Fountain, S. B. (2015). Paradoxical effects of injection stress and nicotine exposure experienced during adolescence on learning in a serial multiple choice (SMC) task in adult female rats. Neurotoxicology & Teratology, 48, 40-48.
  • Kundey, S. M. A., & Fountain, S. B. (2014). Rats abstract rules from a response series lacking a consistent motor pattern. Learning and Motivation, 46, 44-59.
  • Fountain, S. B., Rowan, J. D., & Wollan, M. O. (2013). Central cholinergic involvement in sequential behavior: Impairments of performance by atropine in a serial multiple choice task for rats. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 106, 118-126. 

Upcoming Scientific Conferences

  • 2015.04.15-18:  Comparative Cognition Conference, Melbourne, FL.

  • 2015.05.8-9: Tri-State+ Conference on Animal Learning & Behavior, Lexington, KY.

  • 2015.10.16-21: Society for Neuroscience & Comparative Cognition Society satellite meeting, Chicago, IL.

  • Presentations at Recent Scientific Meetings

Touchscreen and nosepoke octagonal chambers are used to study complex cognitive learning in rats.  See our research for more information.

FountainLab: Animal Cognition & Neuroscience

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