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  Stephen B. Fountain
  Psychological Sciences

307 Kent Hall


Graduate Students

Research Interests
Undergraduate Research Assistants - Summer 2015
Sara Baer, Erica DiSanto, Haley Morris, Sam Sestak, Betsy Stirbens, Rajaa Thalluri

Former RAs in the Fountain Lab

Undergraduate Research Opportunities: 
Interested in working in the Fountain lab? 1) Complete an application for a position in our lab. 2) E-mail the application to Megan Miller. If you qualify and opportunities are available, we will interview you.  You can earn college credit for research activities.

Journal Club/Lab Meeting: Fridays @ noon 

Recent Publications  more
  • Renaud, S. M., Pickens, L. R. G., & Fountain, S. B. (2015). Paradoxical effects of injection stress and nicotine exposure experienced during adolescence on learning in a serial multiple choice (SMC) task in adult female rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology, 48, 40-48.
  • Chenoweth, A. M., & Fountain, S. B. (2015). Central muscarinic cholinergic involvement in serial pattern learning: atropine impairs acquisition and retention in a serial multiple choice (SMC) task in rats. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 123, 18-27.
  • Rowan, J. D., McCarty, M. K., Kundey, S. M. A., Osburn, C. D., Renaud, S. M., Kelley, B. M., Matoushek, A. W., & Fountain, S. B. (In press). Adolescent exposure to methylphenidate impairs serial pattern learning in the serial multiple choice (SMC) task in adult rats. Neurotoxicology and Teratology.
Upcoming Scientific Conferences
  • 2015.10.16-21: Society for Neuroscience & Comparative Cognition Society SfN satellite meeting, Chicago, IL.

  • 2016.04.13-16:  Comparative Cognition Conference, Melbourne Beach, FL.

  • Presentations at Recent Scientific Meetings

Touchscreen and nosepoke octagonal chambers are used to study complex cognitive learning in rats.  See our research for more information.

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