Educational and fun Websites for Kids


††††††††† The following links are fun and education tools, easily navigated by school age children with some guidance.



1)     This site is filled with wonderful information about the Rain Forest.Kid Explorers Adventures in the Rain Forest is animated complete with sounds, games, and great information. Practice your French or Spanish skills too with this sites language capabilities! Find an animal that interests you, what can you learn about that animals sleeping and eating patterns?






2)     Need a little help with your math homework. Just go to the student section of this helpful site and ask for some help.Donít forget to practice your improving math skills with a few of the games.Can you learn something new?



3)     Do you remember who wrote the book The Cat In The Hat ? If you donít or if you do you might want to check out this fun-filled site and take a tour of Seussville if you dare.Watch out for those rhyming words and funny stories.



4)     Crafts are always fun. Grab mom or dad or a friend to do one of the fun crafts shown by the creators of this fun site.You might need to gather some materials and you might needs lots of time, but kook at all the new ideas you might find here.



5)     Are you looking for something fun to do?Maybe a game or a puzzle.†† If you like to win prizes and mom or dad say itís ok, then look at Headbone for some fun.



6)     What do you think other kids your age are doing?Do you want to do something amazing?Check out Amazing Kids and find out what kids are doing to make the news and win some great awards.


7)     Butterflies are beautiful creatures.Test your knowledge and learn something new about butterflies at this website.Enter a contest and look at some photos.What is the normal lifespan of a butterfly?

††† ††††††††††††††††††



8)     How much do you know about the movies you watched and loved as a child?Those†††† classical movies made by Disney touched so many hearts.Fun games and trivia can be enjoyed on this site.



9)     M&Mís are a favorite candy to many.Those brightly colored chocolate candies taste good but what can you learn about the way they are made?Educational, animated images teach about the origination of chocolate and give a tour of the M&M factory. Find a recipe at the bakery and try it out.



10)                      What do you know about the stars?NASAís Observatorium has information on the earth and space.†† Pictures and stories are a great tool for learning about our solar system.Pick a planet besides Earth and find out about its climate. Is it hotter or cooler than Earth, why?

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