60 mph Speed 'Pede!


I bought a Traxxas Stampede XL5 in January of 2007; kind of a late Christmas present from me to me.  Man, right out of the box it is a blast!  It has the monster truck look, but drives more like a stadium truck.


I liked the stock, red body, but one of the fun things about hobby grade trucks is that you can customize them relatively easily.  So, right away I topped it off with a Ford F-350 shell.  I also added a RPM front bumper and a Swami wheelie bar.

In its stock configuration the Stampede is capable of speeds reaching 30 mph.  I was able to push mine to 29.0 mph (using a 6 cell IB4200 battery and geared 23/86).

Good, but not great.  I wanted to go faster (of course!).  I found a system on-line from Castle Creations Inc. called the Mamba Max.  It's a brushless motor (I chose the 6900kv version) and programmable electronic speed control that can push the truck to speeds in excess of 60 mph!  In it went and, using a 7-cell battery (and geared 15/86), I was able to get close to 50mph.

A couple of things were holding me back.  One, the F-350 body was about as aerodynamic as a refrigerator.  Two, the stock rims were not terribly well balanced and the grip on the stock tires was inconsistent.  So, off went the F-350 shell and the rims and tires were upgraded to RC-Racing aluminum Biohazards and Pro-Line Masher 2000s.

After the upgrades I was easily able to get 44 mph out of the truck using only a 6-cell battery.  However, one more issue remained.  With all the power of the Mamba 6900 system, the truck wanted to wheelie at about 30+ mph!  So, I installed a set of softer rear spring to try and keep the front end down a bit.  I also mounted a smaller, more aerodynamic body (this time a Ford F-150).  Thus it became the Speed 'Pede!

How fast did it go?  Easily over 50 mph!

Great fun!!  But here's a warning: speed will kill your truck.  Be prepared to spend some dough to keep it going.  For example, only a few days after the picture above was taken here is the truck...

What you can't see is the stripped 86t spur and the cracked rear body posts.  I've since replaced the body again and gone through THREE sets of rear posts (bad landings and 50 mph flips will really chew them up!).

To get the Speed 'Pede up to the magical 60 mph mark I replacing the 6900kv motor with a 7700kv model, lowered the front end and changed out the tires (Road Rage II in the front, Dirt Works in the rear).


As of 6/10/07, my top speeds are:

54.8 mph on a Spec Point Concepts 6-cell IB4200WC Sport Pack and geared 19/90;
62.8 mph on 9 IB4200WC cells geared 19/90 (Spec Point Concepts 7-cell Race Pack plus two extra WC cells wired in series).

You can see a 53 mph run in this video and the faster 62.8 mph run in this video.

Upgrades (current):

Blue Star 5 x 11 mm rubber sealed bearings
Castle Creations Mamba Max kit, including an electronic, programmable (via a USB interface) speed control and two motors: 6900 kv and 7700kv
Hot Racing aluminum castor blocks
Hot Racing aluminum front bearing carriers 5 x 11 mm
Hot Racing stainless steel king pins

PowerPole connectors
Pro-Line Dirt Works tires (rear)
Pro-Line Road Rage II tires (front)

RC Parts Biohazard aluminum rims
RPM front bumper
RPM rear bearing carriers 5x11 mm
Swami wheelie bar
Traxxas aluminum idle gear
Traxxas aluminum shock caps
Traxxas custom camber links, front and rear
Traxxas 2.5 lb (red) rear springs
Venom F-150 body


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