who failed to see the humor in the previous mispelling of his name

King 'O Surf

He likes surf because he gets to play really fast. Sometimes even Surf Monkey can't keep up! He's a die hard Fender man, both guitars and amps. The rest is all firewood. The nightclub atmosphere brings out the bachelor in Buddha. By the limelight he transforms into 'tequila man'. It just wouldn't be a surf gig without a few waves of Cuervo Gold.

Buddha is also the proud owner of Surf Side Studios, located on the border of the Ravenna Munitions Plant. Sometimes he shoots off bottle rockets just for fun. Living in the sticks gives him plenty of time to explore his artistic side. You may have noticed the background of the CD cover. If not, take another look at the Home Page.

Buddha's Tiki Secret...
If you crank it and listen with headphones, you can hear his dog, Molly.

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