Formed in 1991, they have evolved into a 4 piece instrumental combo. Dual guitar, bass, and drums pound out wave after wave of powerful surf. You couldn't possibly listen to the swelling tunes and sit still. Their music will pull you off the sandy beach and deep into the break. You'll have plenty of company on the dance floor. In additional to playing the local circuit, they have also opened concerts for their national counterparts, Laika and the Cosmonauts.

They recorded their splashing debut in the summer of 95. They caught the interest of producer Stan Pixler of Pixler Discs, who provided the financial support necessary to launch the project. The recording expertise of Don Dixon shines through loud and clear. He has worked with greats such as REM, the Smithereens and Marshall Crenshaw. TIKI-A-GO-GO is clean and punchy with great emphasis on raw talent. If you're in the Cleveland area, tune in to WENZ 107.9 weekday mornings. If you listen closely, behind Tobin's news spots, you can hear the Surfaholics. Just enough to give you taste of the salt. They've also been (and may be) heard on WENZ's Inner Sanctum show which airs Sunday nights beginning at 9:30 p.m. But enough of my thoughts, here's what the rest think...

their debut TIKI-A-GO-GO

"..."Ungowa" sets the tone as their twin guitar attack lay down an unusual and frantic rhythmic pattern of riffs. With pounding drums and a deep, rich bass it's a storming start...Better still is the more original "Surfana" with guitars fighting it out in rounds between subtly suave spells of calm...Overall the lasting impression is of an exciting band using all the tricks they know to pice up some repetitive riff-laden originals rather than lay down yet another album of covers. Their use of dynamics is great, their arrangements are excellent, and they are a very tight band." - Pipeline Instrumental Review, Winter 95-96 edition, page 44.

"...This CD is very sparse in audio effects and very rich with energy...This way it's assured the bands powerful playing is the main attraction....I get reminded of the Ventures first album, the playing is spot on and the open but puchy sound is a very welcome feature...I'd like to mention SWANG 10 as particular unique, since it starts as a jump blues and developes into something like '50s private eye music, that's brilliant (and a much better idea than vice versa)." - Point Break, Autumn 95, page 2.

"...There are plenty of standout tracks to be found among the fifteen original cuts, especially the sublime "Smells Like Surfana", which gives a sly tip of the hat to the so-called 'alternative' rock that is currently played on every other radio station in the free world...My personal fave is the majestic "Get Lost", which has a mysterious, yet powerful feel that can't help but remind the listener of some of Dick Dales' more experimental work." - California Saga, Fall/Winter 95-96, page 40.

"...An infectious collection of brawny guitar riffs in the vintage '60s surf-instrumental mode pioneered by the Ventures, the Surfaris and Dick Dale, "Tiki-a-Go-Go" carves for the Surfaholics a niche in the '90s neo-surf groundswell launched by the hit movie "Pulp Fiction"...'My approach was to go into their basement where they would be comfortable and make it sound as much as possible like a record made in a garage in California in 1964,' he (Don Dixon) says...its use of offbeat sound effects and its tiki-tinged visuals have novelty appeal, but the band's music is the real deal." - Canton Repository (Ticket), January 12, 1996, page 2.

"...Though they're far from sandy surf meccas...the four lads who would be the Surfaholics are riding out their own waves, in stylish blue bowling shirts...under the gray skies of northeastern Ohio. On the disc, one hears "classic" Surfaholics tracks such as "Frankensurfer" and "Smells Like Surfana," alongside new gems like the reverb-Fifties-esque "Get Lost" and the sharkbite-rock of "Dangerous Undertow. 'We have really wild songs, then melodic ones, then percussive, bluesy, brutal numbers'" - Record Courier (Fanfare), January 18, 1996, page C-1.

"...Kent's masked marvels, the Surfaholics, are dog paddling out of Brady Lake toward Hawaii thanks to their fifteen track Tiki-A-Go-Go, a release where half of the fun is trying to figure out where they poached the riff's from...For those familiar with the music of The Ventures, The Chantays and The Surfaris, Tiki-A-Go-Go is going to be a lot of fun." - Agenda, January 18, 1996, page 4.

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