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Pick of the Month for September 96
KMS Home Page - Friend extraordinaire
Send him congratulations...he just got hitched!

The Boss Martians
A newer site that holds promise

Absolutely without a doubt the place to be seen in Youngstown

Cellophane Square

A fan of Surf from Greece who is ambitiously compiling a comprehensive Surf Site
Seems to be down for the moment. Didn't want to delete it yet just in case it's temporary.

Cowabunga FAQ
Cool e-mail group of folks who share a common interest in all aspects of instrumental surf music

Dead Man's Curve
London's Premier Surf Combo

Where would surf be without Fender...

Jukka's Page
A tough site with lots of cool links

KFJC "Surfmeister" Phil Dirt's SURF'S UP
California's (and quite possibly the world's) most comprehensive Surf DJ

Laika and the Cosmonauts
Finland's finest Surf Combo

Man or Astroman?
We'll be opening their Sept 4 show at Peabody's in Cleveland

Without a doubt, one of the greatest combos in the circuit

The Penetrators
Truly a work of art. This one is definately a keeper...
Download the sound clips for a real treat.

Scene Magazine
Cleveland's hippest entertainment weekly

The Sonic Tonics

A motherload of Surf treasures

More Surf goodies

The Torpedoes
Just got their new CD and it is GREAT

Twang & Curl

WENZ 107.9
Cleveland's greatest radio station

The Woodies Home Page

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