Wendell learned to surf (body surf that is) in the land of the sun. Living in southern California gave him ample opportunity to try out the waves. It also gave him a chance to work with such greats as Leo Fender himself. But the climate was so tiresome...'sunny and 70, sunny and 70, sunny and 70'. So he moved back to Ohio where the weather is better and the surf is louder.

Even though this is a new style for him, he still likes to play on the fringe. That is to say he plays right on the edge of what can legally be called surf and enjoys pushing the limits. "I surf for the fun, but I joined the band just so I could get my own really cool bowling shirt!"

Wendell has made a hobby out of rewiring his guitars. If it's broke, he'll hire someone to glue it back together...if it ain't broke, he'll rewire it. "Anybody can rip off great licks, but great tone - you have to rewire to acquire that one." And acquire it he has. His checkerboard Fender amp boasts the wettest reverb known to man. Excellent for surfing.

Wendell's Tiki Secret...
He's still not telling. At least, not yet.

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