The lady killer of the band, Zombo has a 30 foot cord for his Airline bass guitar. That way he is free to mix and mingle with the crowd. It's hard to tell what the girls love more...his pompador or those shiny gold shoes. Then again, it must be that car. His Caddi sports a new custom Tiki-mask paint job complete with a bowler hood ornament. If you look closely you'll find ten pins strategically placed in the middle of the dash. Don't tell him but Wendell broke the glove box last gig while searching for the new compilation CD that sports a lead track of "Smells like Surfana". Never did find the CD there...

Some play on the edge. This man lives there. How extreme can he get? Well, eloping in front of the Sun Stuido where Elvis recorded is pretty out there. The CD intro was his find and that's really out there. But if that ain't enough, call the hotline for the ultimate experience in strange reality.

Zombo's Tiki Secret...
"I blew the last note on one of the tunes. It was so awful we couldn't stop laughing so we just left it there." Zombo also has a challenge for you. Figure out where he got the CD intro. Leave the correct answer on the hotline or send it e-mail and he'll send you a special gift. While I can't tell you what it is I can tell you that it is not from Monty Python or any history of the world type movie.

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