Basic Algebra I-IV
Instructional Supplements

Instructional supplements:     This site contain handouts for MATH 10021--10024.  They can be used by an instructor to  supplement a course or by students to help reinforce details of concepts and procedures for a variety of topics.  The handouts are listed chronologically as the topics appear in MATH 10021--10024 as taught at  Kent State University.  For an alphabetical listing according to the topics, please click HERE.  All handouts are PDF (portable document format) files, so to view them you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your PC.  If there is some material which you would like to see added to this section, please email me at 

Reporting errors/comments:  Every handout has been carefully screened for errors.  However, in the event that you discover an error or typo in a handout, please email me at   with the title and error. Thank you. 

MATH 10021   Basic Algebra I:

  MATH 10022   Basic Algebra II:

MATH 10023  Basic Algebra III:

MATH 10024  Basic Algebra IV: