Colleen is a doctoral student in the Center of Learning and Technology at Kent State University. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Kent State, and her Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching from UMass Boston, her passion for science lead her to the PhD program in Educational Psychology offered ‘back home’ at Kent State.

Teaching Assistant

Colleen is a Teaching Assistant as a part of her Graduate Appointment at Kent State. She is currently the instructor of record in the undergraduate offering of Educational Technology for students in the Early Childhood Education program.


In the past, she was also an adjunct in the ESL Center in the Department of English at Kent State. Her favorite subjects to teach are high-intermediate levels of Writing and Listening. Colleen’s communicative classes allow her students to develop their writing and listening skills in order to prepare them for undergraduate and graduate study.


In Summer 2015, Colleen was on a special appointment for the ESL Center as one of two English Instructors for the Exposition on Cyber Infrastructure and Big Data (CIBD) for the six-week camp for students from Jazan University in Saudi Arabia.


Colleen is a Teaching Fellow in the Graduate Studies Department with a special assignment to the Graduate Student Orientation (GSO) team.



The GSO team is responsible for planning and implementation of the Fall and Spring semesters’ GSO, and presenting at workshop-like ‘Breakout Sessions’ aimed at specific topics relevant to graduate students.



Colleen also acts as a graduate student mentor to more than 40 students from each GSO.