ITEC 39525 - Educational Technology


The Educational Technology course is designed to help students develop the necessary technological competencies in order to successfully support educators in their profession.  In this course, students will develop knowledge and skills in designing, implementing, and assessing learning experiences using various digital tools and resources. This course is project-based and incorporates both synchronous class time and asynchronous assignments on Blackboard Learn.



ESL Writing (Levels 7, 8)


These ESL Writing courses are essay-writing courses with an introduction to academic writing for High Intermediate ESL students. These courses introduce students to research, citations, summarizing, paraphrasing, and direct quotations in academic essay writing. Students will also continue to develop grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, spelling, more complex sentence structures and cohesion in their essays.



ESL Listening (Levels 5, 6, 8, 10)


These ESL Listening courses are focused on improving listening and note-taking skills essential for success in lectures and discussions as is the norm in undergraduate-level coursework. Students will practice listening strategies through predicting, using background knowledge and contextual information; focus on detail and gist, key words, and meanings from stress, rhythm and intonation.



ESL Reading (Levels 7, 8, 9)


These ESL Reading courses are designed for High-Intermediate and Advanced students to develop effective reading and critical thinking skills essential for success in undergraduate-level coursework. In these courses, students will move from individual skill practice to applying all skills together through extensive reading practices, which will aid in reading motivation and deepen students’ understanding necessary for literal levels of comprehension.



ESL Pronunciation (Level 5)


This ESL Pronunciation course is designed to help international students improve their spoken English pronunciation. Specifically, the students will practice the production of fluent speech applying appropriate comprehensible segmental phonetic and suprasegmental features. Additionally, they will practice sounds, words, phrases and sentences through mimicry and become familiar with and be tested on the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).



ESL Speaking (Level 9)


This ESL Speaking course is designed for Advanced ESL students to promote their abilities to speak successfully at an academic level as well as in real-life situations. Students at this level will more critically develop different presentation strategies with emphasis on PowerPoint presentation techniques, interactive poster speaking, and debate.



ST: Academic Success


This Special Topic ESL course provides development and support in order to prepare students for entrance to their undergraduate or graduate coursework, especially in the areas of social, cultural, and academic skills needed to be competent and successful in their chosen colleges, schools, departments, or fields of study within an American university. Academic Success includes topics such as understanding university and departmental requirements, campus etiquette, critical thinking, reading, writing, and listening.



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