Our Graduates

Below are listed KSU students who studied paleontology and their current positions.


1972-1979 1980-1984 1985-1989 1990-1994 1995-2000 2001-present

Cooper, M.L., 1972, Systematic paleontology of the Pennsylvanian scaphopods of North America, 66 p., M.S.

    Retired from petroleum industry.

Palubniak, D.S., 1972, Paleoecology of Upper Cretaceous oysters in the Fox Hills Formation, North Dakota and comparisons with recent oyster ecology, 119 p., M.S.

    United States Geological Survey, now deceased.

Artzner, D.G., 1974, Palynology of a volcanic ash in the Fox Hills Formation (Maestrichtian) of Emmons, Morton, and Sioux Counties, North Dakota, 122 p., M.S.

    United States Environmental Protection Agency, Houston, TX

Kell, S.R., 1979, The distribution, ecology, and preservation of benthonic foraminifera in the salt marsh at Wachapreague, Virginia, 49 p., M.S.

    Petroleum Geologist, Ohio Division of Geologic Survey, Columbus, OH.

Beikirch, D.W., 1979, Decapod crustaceans from the Pflugerville Member, Austin Formation (Campanian:  Late Cretaceous) of Travis County, Austin, Texas, 40 p., M.S.

    Dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education, Midland College, Midland, TX

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Hannibal, J.T., 1980, Systematics and functional morphology of the oniscomorph millipedes (Arthropoda, Diplopoda) from the Carboniferous of North America, 64 p., M.S.

    Curator of Invertebrate Fossils, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, OH

Weidner, W.E., 1983, Paleoecological interpretation of echinocarid arthropod assemblages in the Late Devonian (Famennian) Chagrin Shale, northeast Ohio, 66 p., M.S.

    Managing Director, COSCO Capital Management, Oil and Gas advising

Bjerstedt, T.W., 1983, Stromatoporoid paleosynecology in the Lucas Dolostone (M. Devonian) on Kelleys Island, Ohio, 152 p., M.S.

    Ph.D., University of West Virginia, currently Petroleum Geologist

Stanley, T.M., 1984, Stratigraphy, ichnology, and paleoichnology of the Deadwood Formation (Upper Cambrian‑Lower Ordovician), northern Black Hills, South Dakota, 224 p., M.S.

    Ph.D., University of Kansas, currently Professor of Geology

Factor, D.F., 1984, Paleoecology of malacostracan arthropods in the Bear Gulch Limestone (Namurian) of central Montana, 77 p., M.S.

    Supply Chain Manager, Degussa Specialty Chemical Company, OH

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McCoy, D.L., 1985, A description and interpretation of the Permian Minnekahta Limestone of the Black Hills, South Dakota, 94 p., M.S.

March Natali, P., 1985, Paleoecologic interpretation of the Castle Hayne Limestone in North Carolina utilizing bryozoan zoarial forms, 151 p., M.S.

    Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Twinsburg, OH

Babcock, L.E., 1986, Devonian and Mississippian conulariids of North America, 279 p., M.S.

    Ph.D., University of Kansas; Professor of Geology, Ohio State University

Wilson, M.T., 1986, Functional morphology of the genus Lyreidus 76 p., M.S.

    Computer Programmer, Columbus, OH

Tshudy, D., 1987, Macruran decapods, and their epibionts, from the Lopez de Bertodano Formation (Late Cretaceous), Seymour Island, Antarctica, 83 p., M.S.

    Professor of Geology, Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA

Stukel, D.J., II, 1987, Ichnology and paleoenvironmental analysis of the Late Devonian (Fammenian) Chagrin Shale of northeast Ohio, 94 p., M.S.

Tucker, A.B., 1988, Fossil decapod crustaceans from the Lower Tertiary of the Prince William Sound region, Gulf of Alaska, 109 p., M.S.


Schwimmer, B.A., 1988, Stratigraphic distribution of brachiopods and pelecypods in the Upper Devonian (Famennian) Chagrin Shale in the Cuyahoga River Valley, northeastern Ohio, 134 p., M.S.

Frye, C.J., 1989, Aptychi from the Late Devonian dark shales of northeast Ohio, 82 p., M.S.

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Wiedman, L.A., 1990, The paleontology of selected Antarctic and New Zealand Eocene fossils, 174 p., Ph.D.

    Professor of Biology, University of Saint Francis, Fort Wayne, IN

Hannibal, J.T., 1990, Echinocaris, a mid‑Paleozoic crustacean, 362 p., Ph.D.

    Curator of Invertebrate Fossils, Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, OH

Wieder, R., 1991, Fossil isopods of North America, 96 p., M.S.

    Insect Pest Control, Los Angeles, CA


Filkorn, H., 1992, Scleractinia from the López de Bertodano and Sobral formations (Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary) from Seymour and Snow Hill islands, Antarctic Peninsula, 320 p., M.S.

    Collections Manager, Los Angeles County Museum

Dai, B., 1992, Late Devonian bivalves from the Chagrin Shale (Famennian), northeast Ohio, 141 p., M.S.

    United States Environmental Protection Agency, Chicago, IL

Chirino-Gálvez, L., 1993, Cenozoic crabs from Chile, 278 p., M.S.

    Earth Science Education, Chile

Tshudy. D. M., 1993, Taxonomy and evolution of the clawed lobster families Chilenophoberidae and Nephropidae, 472 p., Ph.D.

    Professor of Geology, Edinboro University, Edinboro, PA

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Tucker, A. B., 1995. A systematic evaluation of fossil Raninidae from the Twin River Group, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, and a re-examination of the Raninidae, 582 p., Ph.D.


Schweitzer, C. E., 1996. Fossil decapod crustaceans from the Pysht Formation (late Oligocene to early Miocene) and late Eocene Quimper Sandstone, Olympic Peninsula, Washington, 206 p., M.S.

    Associate Professor of Geology, Kent State University

Salva, E. W., 1997. The systematic study of Trichopeltarion greggi and the reevaluation of the Family Atelecyclidae (Decapoda: Brachyura), 175 p., M.S.

    Art Education, Las Vegas, NV

Amati, L. M., 1999. A new family of decapod crustaceans from the western margin of Pangea: Its evolutionary and paleobiogeographic significance, 82 p., M.S.

    Assistant Professor of Geology, SUNY Pottsdam, New York

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Haj, A. E. (Eddie), Jr., 2000. New cuticular microstructure of Cretacoranina punctata (Decapoda) from the Pawpaw Formation (Upper Cretaceous) of northeastern Texas, 54 p., M.S.

    Assistant Professor of Earth Science, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO

Schweitzer, C. E.  2000.  Systematics and paleobiogeography of fossil decapod crustaceans of the North Pacific Ocean, 764 p., Ph.D.

    Associate Professor of Geology, Kent State University

Nyborg, T. G., 2002, Fossil decapod crustaceans from the early to middle Miocene Astoria Formation, Washington and Oregon, U.S.A.. 224 p., M.S.

    Ph.D. student, Loma Linda University, CA

Waugh, David A. 2002. Analytical cuticle classification, 84 p., M.S.

    Ph.D. candidate, Kent State University

Shirk, Aubrey Mae.  2006.  A novel assemblage of decapod Crustacea, from a Tithonian coral reef olistolith, Purcăreni, Romania: systematical arrangement and biogeographical perspective, 198 p., M. S.

    Ph.D. student, University of Nevada Las Vegas.

Crawford, Robert S.  2007.  Paleoecologic analysis of faunal disparity within a constrained horizon of the Monte Leon, early Miocene, of Southern Argentina, M. S.

Rhenberg, E. C.  2007.  Biotic interactions of bivalves from the Late Cretaceous Coon Creek type section of McNairy County, Tennessee, M. S.

    Ph.D. student, University of West Virginia, Morgantown, West Virginia.

Robins, C. M.  2008.  Jurassic Galatheoidea from the Ernstbrunn Limestone, Austria, M. S.

    Ph.D. student, Kent State University.

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