Step Eleven


1.                Read: Big Book (pp 58-60)

2.                Read: Big Book (p. 85-88)

3.                Step Eleven (p. 59) tells us that we need to:

a.     (seek) (an action)

b.    through prayer & meditation (as defined on pp. 85-88)

c.     to improve (a process)

d.    our conscious contact (our awareness of the relationship)

e.    with God as we understand God (as in Step Three)

f.       praying only for two things:

1.                the knowledge of God’s will for us

2.                the power to carry out God’s will for us

4.                Some A.A.’s are baffled by the whole concept of prayer and meditation. They decide to by-pass this Step altogether. Remember that here – as in all the Steps – we aim at progress not perfection. This Step – like all the other Steps – was written by alcoholics for alcoholics. If they could figure out what to do – so can you.

5.                This Step clearly shows the influence of the Oxford Group movement on the development of A.A. sprirituality. There is a rich literature on this topic that you might like to explore.

6.                On thing is clear: daily prayer and meditation was a central feature of early A.A. practice. We just saw – in Step Ten – that we are not cured. We have only a daily reprieve that depends upon our maintaining a close relationship with our Higher Power. Step Eleven has this as its’ central focus.


7.                On of the first signs of relapse is the neglect of daily prayer and meditation.

8.                The directions for this step are very clear (pp. 85-88) Several periods of prayer are suggested deaily, together with a daily meditation period. We are also told what to do in the course of our day if we are upset or in doubt. Two exercises:

a.     Count the number of specific prayers in Step Eleven (pp. 85-88)

b.    Identify the Eleventh Step promises? (p. 88)


9.                When you think that you understand what Step Eleven is asking of you and you are ready to carry out this part of our program of action – to the best of your abilities – go on to Step Twelve.


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