Step Five


1.                Reread: Big Book (pp. 58-60)

2.                Read: Big Book (pp. 72-75)

3.                Step Five requires us to:

a.     admit (an action)

b.    to God (our Higher Power)
to ourselves (to our own mind/heart/innermost self)
to another human being (carefully selected)

c.     the exact nature (the pattern of character)

d.    of our wrongs (basically –what we learned about ourselves in Step Four)

4.                We take Step Five in order to

a.     Develop our relationship with God (p. 72)

b.    To avoid relapse (pp. 72-73)

c.     To practice humility, fearlessness and honesty (p. 73)

5.                What should we be looking for in the person who will hear our Fifth Step? (pp. 74-75)

6.                Step Five is a good example of the need for a balanced approach to recovery. If you have taken a deeply honest Fourth Step with both God and yourself (the two primary relationships most in need of healing), the Fifth Step interview need not be either difficult or protracted. Pray first. Next, speak from the heart. Do not expect your spiritual advisor to take the place of interaction with your Higher Power or an in depth dialogue with yourself.

7.                Having  completed the above parts of Step Five, we now (p. 75)

a.     Read over the Fifth Step promises

b.    Review our progress to this point

c.     Move on to Steps Six and Seven (p. 76)


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