Step Ten


1.                Read: Big Book (pp 58-60)

2.                Read: Big Book (p. 84-85)

3.                Step Ten (p. 59) tells us that we need to:

a.     Continue to take (an action)

b.    A personal inventory (a periodic stocktaking)

c.     And when we are wrong (when we need to make amends)

d.    Promptly admit it (as soon as possible – avoid stockpiling wrongs to deal with ‘later’)

4.                What are the goals of Step Ten? (p. 84)

5.                What do we need to watch for? (p. 84)

6.                What do we do when selfishness, dishonesty, resentment or fear crop up? (p. 84)


7.                Step Ten has two prayers. Can you find them? (pp. 84-85)

8.                List the benefits of Step Ten. How many are there? (pp. 84-85)

9.                Are we ever cured of our alcoholism? (p. 85)

10.           What will happen if we let up on our spiritual program of action? (p. 85)

11.           If you understand the purposes and benefits of Step Ten and you are willing to make Step Ten a part of your recovery program – you have taken it. Go on to Step Eleven.


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