How to Do the A.A. Third Step


1.                Review “How It Works” (pp 58-60)

2.                Review Steps 1-2. Are you on solid ground?

3.                Step Three (pp. 60-64)

a.     Answer the following questions?

1.    Are you convinced that any life run on self-will can be a success? (pp-60-62)

2.    Do you believe that selfishness and self-centeredness is at the root of your problems? (p. 62)

3.    Are you convinced that your troubles in life are basically of your making and are the result of self-will out of control? (p. 62)

4.    Are you ready to stop playing God and from henceforth allow God to be in charge? (pp. 62-63)

b.    Confess the Third Prayer (p. 63). You may do this step either with your sponsor, a spiritual advisor or with family and friends. The wording is optional; we can take this step alone – but you must be able to do this part of Step Three without reservation. There is a great spiritual blessing to be had in the public affirmation of this Step and the Third Step Prayer. Consider doing so.

c.     Do you see that your addictions are but a symptom and that recovery depends upon a full program of self-examination and personal housecleaning? (pp. 63-64)


YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED STEP THREE (Big Book version). Go on immediately to Step Four.


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