How to work the Second Step.


1.      Read: Big Book, “How It Works” (pp 58-60)

2.      Read: Big Book, “We Agnostics” (pp 44-57)

3.      In Step One admitted (Notes: Part F # 3) that your alcoholic behavior or lifestyle was insane, dysfunctional or seriously flawed. Your task in this chapter of the Big Book is now to complete Step Two. (pg. 47)

4.      Step Two, as outlined in “How It Works” (pg. 59) contains four parts:

a.   We came to believe (a process)

b.   In a power greater than ourselves (whatever that Power might be or however it might be defined)

c.   That could (a process)

d.   Restore us to sanity (the need for which we have already conceded)

5.      Chapter 4 “We Agnostics” (pp 44-47) has as its focus the search for a Higher Power. In fact, we are told that this search is indeed the chief purpose of the Big Book itself. (pg. 45)

6.      Topics/Questions

a.   Did my code of morals or my philosophy of life keep me sober? (pp 44-45)

b.   Why is lack of power the central dilemma of addiction? (pg. 45)

c.   What is the solution to this dilemma? (pg. 45)

d.   Do you have your own concept of god? (pp 46-47) - The greatest obstacle to completion of Step Two is the failure to develop your own concept of a Higher Power, (if necessary, reread Bill’s Story@ (pp 9-13)

e.   What are some of the benefits of a belief in a Higher Power? (pp 50-53)

f.     Why does Bill state (pg. 53) that we have to decide that God is everything or else God is nothing?

g.   What is the role of faith in your life? (pp 53-55)

h.   Do you believe that if God is sought, God will reveal Himself/Herself/Itself to us? (pg. 57)

7.      Three questions in closing:

a.   Do you believe that you can restore yourself to sanity?

b.   Do you believe that a Power greater than yourself can restore you to sanity?

c.   What is your answer to the question on page 48, paragraph #2?

8.      You have now completed Step Two. Continue on to Step Three.

9.      You might like to read or reread - as a bridge between Step Two and Step Three - Appendix II “Spiritual Experience.” (pp 569-570)

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